Working together 
“Understanding behavioural change.” 
We will meet with you to discuss what you want to achieve and to understand your team, environment and organisation. 
You can commission a specific standalone training intervention or a broader on-going development programme. You can also choose from our selection of open training courses
All of our solutions are delivered with a blended learning approach, including: 
• identifying, planning and fulfilling areas for development whilst recognising and celebrating strengths 
• training for team effectiveness and personal development to forge strong and collaborative relationships 
• teaching new skills and enhancing existing skills to drive capability and build confidence 
• changing attitudes and shifting mind-sets to boost performance. 
To meet your objectives, our experienced professionals will use all their rich and diverse expertise. They will focus approaches that will deliver a marked and lasting change for your people and your organisation. Our tailored solutions will be designed to suit your needs and can include both purpose-designed and off-the-shelf learning packages. 
Your events will be carefully planned to create the right environment from the start. They can take place in the workplace or at another location. We are always happy to find exactly the right venue to create a positive atmosphere for your learning events. 
We pay attention to detail from the moment you walk through the door, using music and activities to help everyone relax and look forward the experience. 
Our priority is for every activity to be lively, engaging and - most importantly - enjoyable. 
We include interaction and practice, along with the appropriate level of challenge, to make sure that outcomes are sustainable. 
You will want to see real and measurable returns on your investment in learning and development. 
We will make sure you can determine your progress, understand your outcomes and sustain success.
The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is clear that successful measurement requires specific outcomes to be agreed at the start of the process, with a goal-focussed approach taken throughout. 
That’s exactly what we do. 
Right at the start, we will work with you to design effective evaluation criteria so that you can clearly see the difference you have made. We use a highly structured approach to provide thorough and robust evaluation for each intervention. 
To create and deliver successful and engaging learning and development for your organisation, contact us
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