Strategic Influence for Health Professionals 

Collaboration, Inter-Disciplinary Working, Reconfiguration. Terms that mean different things to different people. To some, it means improving service, efficiency, enjoyment. For others, hard work, committees, delays and frustration. The gap between these two reactions is usually caused by the ability of the individual to influence effectively. To succeed in the modern health sector, your influencing skills have got to be exceptional. 
Outcomes: The purpose of this course is to help you to: 
• Get, and keep, important stakeholders on-side. 
• Overcome opposition, be it open or covert. 
• Head off problems and obstacles before they become an issue. 
• Engage with people, building trust and goodwill. 
• Motivate people to go the extra mile, and do what needs to be done. 
Content: Tailored to the needs of health professions, this practical course, will involve you: 
• Diagnosing the conflicting agendas affecting your work, and finding ways to overcome opposition. 
• Identifying the powerful stakeholders you need to build stronger relationships with, and then learn ways to do it. 
• Explore the political backdrop to the work you are doing, and adjust your approach to avoid roadblocks and sabotage. 
• Learning how to adapt your behaviour to become more influential with a diverse range of personalities. 
• Building a clear strategy and action plan to achieve your targets, projects and goals. 
Once you’ve mastered the skills of influence, you will rise in confidence and many more things become possible, and far easier. 
To make sure JAAN Learning and Development clients get the very best, we have teamed up with Colin Gautrey, one of the world’s leading thinkers in strategic influence, to provide our clients with this fantastic development opportunity. Colin has written five books, trained thousands of people around the world and his work has been used in over 30% of Fortune 500 and 20% of FT-SE 100 companies. In the NHS, his work has received high-level recognition: 
“The Gautrey approach to influence has been a core, and the most highly rated, part of our Top Leadership development programme. It enables managers to lift their eyes above the daily struggle and become transformational leaders.” Catriona Renfrew, director to Corporate Planning and Policy, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. 
If you would like to learn how this leading-edge course can help you, and/or your team, please call us on +44 (0) 1908 597947 
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